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Gregory Radick

Gregory Radick, the PI for the project, is Professor of History and Philosophy of Science. He is currently working on two books: a scholarly edition of W. F. R. Weldon's manuscript Theory of Inheritance (with the project postdoc, Annie Jamieson); and a new history of the biometrician-Mendelian debate. His previous books include The Simian Tongue: The Long Debate about Animal Language (Chicago, 2007), Darwin in Ilkley (with Mike Dixon, Stroud, 2009) and, as coeditor, The Cambridge Companion to Darwin (with Jonathan Hodge, Cambridge, second edition 2009, first edition 2003).

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Annie Jamieson

Annie Jamieson was Research Fellow on the project. She has a background in both developmental genetics and history and philosophy of science, technology and medicine, having completed her PhD in history of medicine and medical technologies at Leeds in 2010. She is working with Greg Radick on a scholarly edition of Theory of Inheritance - a previously unpublished work by the biometrician, W. F. R. Weldon. Annie combined her subject expertise with extensive experience in teaching and student support to design and deliver the experimental curriculum for the Genetic Pedagogies Project.

Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis, the CI for the project, was Director of the Centre for Science and Mathematics Education (CSSME) before her recent retirement. Originally a biologist with a PhD in genetics and development she trained and worked as a teacher before joining CSSME and moving into science education research. Her particular interest is in young people's understanding of, and attitudes toward, genetics and how that understanding can be developed through teaching. Outcomes include a series of research informed teaching sequences commissioned by the National Strategies and a chapter on genetics and genomics in Teaching Secondary Biology (Editor: Michael Reiss; London, 2011).